About us, introducing ourselves:

We are a team of entrepreneurs merged into an investing as well as servicing company that covers a vast variety of services. Our experience of over 30 years comes from various sources, Real Estate asset management, land development and planning, residential, commercial and retail development and any kind of loan management and financial service. That experience allow us to cover any need that any of our clients may have. It doesn’t matter if it is about managing a portfolio of foreclosed, deed-in-lieu or NPL assets or it is about planning a land to end up developing a product, finishing a WIP or refurbishing a residential or trophy building for any kind of client whether if it is national or international. Buying, selling, managing and co-investing is running through our veins as that is what we have been doing while working in several of most well-known companies of that sector in Spain during our professional lives.

Our headquarters are in Barcelona, provably one of the fastest growing investment spots nowadays in southern Europe. We do also have other offices around Spain covering mainly any other Spanish area.

Areas of operation:

We operate all over Spain but mainly in Catalonia, Mediterranean coast line and Madrid.

Company policy and objectives:

As a team of entrepreneurs, we are concerned with every aspect of our business and have clear goals in mind for our company. We have a comprehensive list of business objectives creating the guidelines that become the foundation for our business planning.

Profitability, Productivity, Customer Service, Employee Retention, Core Values, Growth, Marketing and Competitive Analysis.


Barcelona ( SPAIN )

C/ Pau Claris, 174 – 08037
Phone: 902 106 186