real estate and financial investment and services

TQINVESTPRO is an Investment Company that based on its own experience offers
its servicing skills to other capital groups that may be interested in Spanish
market by whether advising them or co-investing with them







Our main target assets are:

  • REO assets: Office, industrial, hotel, retail, single and multifamily residential, new developments, second hand, retail and trophies, WIP and Land.
  • Performing or non-performing loans secured by any of previous types of assets.
  • Assets under foreclosing process.



Real Estate


  • Vast experience in selling, renting or buying any kind of asset. Office, industrial, hotel, retail, single and multifamily residential, new developments, second hand, retail and trophies. Short sales and loans.
  • Create and execute property-level strategies for the assets.
  • Agreements with 830 brokers all over Spain which allow us to be able to sell/rent any kind of asset everywhere with maximum proximity to the buyer/tenant.

  • Provide value to clients by ensuring the most efficient use of investor capital, and by keeping clients informed through superior performance measurement and even cash flow forecasting.
  • Create and execute property-level strategies for the assets.
  • Conduct asset allocation and asset selection by our skills in real estate property fundamentals.
  • Ensure diversification and produce adequate risk-adjusted returns by correct property mix.
  • Involve directly in the acquisition process including financing and property-level decision making.

  • Recommend the sale exchange or repositioning of your real estate assets and advice on capital improvements.
  • Assess your current debt and recognize opportunities for using credit to your advantage.
  • Manage risk in your portfolio with a review of insurance options.
  • Manage and supervise property managers and leasing agents.
  • Prepare cash flow estimates.
  • Collaborate with your legal, accounting and tax professionals.
  • Manage day-to-day communications with tenants.
  • Process accounts payables and receivables.
  • Supervise vendors performing maintenance and repairs.
  • Perform periodic inspections.
  • Rent or sell the asset.

  • Desktop, drive-by and drive-in valuations executed by our roaming teams or in cooperation with local brokers and appraisal teams all over Spain.
  • Large data base with more than 80.000 real sales records for the last 5 years.
  • Cutting edge IT tools for on-line web listing collections.
  • Use of web scraping tools to massively collect data to be analysed and processed.
  • Widely proven pricing methodology for single and multifamily residential new developments.
  • State of the art in-house pricing methodologies for other types of assets.
  • Coordination of other methodologies coming from the best outsourced professionals available today in Spanish market.
  • Solid experience in large valuations, some of them greater than 50.000 assets.

  • More than 500 million euros of new developments during last 30 years.
  • Over 300.000 m2 constructed during last 30 years.
  • Large expertise in refurbishing.

  • A team of professionals supervising all the current developments we’re involved in whether if we as developers, investors, partners or managers.
    • Feasibility studies.
    • Land planning.
    • Land development.

    • Optimised management of leads, referrals and prescriptions that assure maximum conversion to sales and rents.
    • Optimised SEO/SEM/Adwords management to improve on-line search results of any listed asset to be sold or rented.
    • Optimised management of listings to popular real estate web portals.
    • Viral Real Estate Videos.
    • Social networks management focused to real estate.

    • We look and find for Real Estate investments, set them up, negotiate them, acquire them and then we offer the opportunity to share them with other investors either by a fix IRR expectation and low risk, just profit or a mixed formula that merges previous ones.
    • Set up a structure than offers to small or medium investors the opportunity to invest in our projects.





    • Private mortgage financing
    • Banc financing
    • Taylor made mortgages
    • Management as well as development of investment vehicles
    • Investment portfolios management and creation

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